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    Fusion GEL STAIN Top Coat 32oz (946ml) - Double Espresso

    Fusion GEL STAIN Top Coat 32oz (946ml) - Double Espresso

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    Double Espresso – This coffee brown Gel Stain and Topcoat is the darkest and heavily pigmented of them all.  For those projects that need more of a cover-up it is easy to achieve a rich and almost opaque finish with 2 coats.

    This one-step brush on stain and tough protective coating provides a durable, rich, satin finish - perfect for heavily used interior surfaces. It is ideal for areas that are washed frequently - table tops, bathroom vanities, even floors! This hard-wearing, maintenance-free interior finish enhances the beauty of natural wood while resisting water, food stains, alcohol, grease, and detergents. 

    Our Gel Stain and Topcoat is a one step combination product which is a little bit of stain mixed into a durable topcoat. 

    This product is ideal for over all types of surfaces, scratched, uneven, unstable due to chipping as with milk-painted surfaces, melamine, laminate, pre-painted or stained wood surfaces. It’s so versatile!

    Gel Stain is available in 4 colours; Greystone, Double Espresso, Black and Patina (which doubles a protective topcoat)

    Quick Facts

    • This product is a Brush On and NOT a wipe on or wipe back product.
    • Use a natural bristle brush or a roller to apply.
    • Dries to the touch in 8 hours and can be re-coated at that time
    • Has a thicker gel like consistency - each color varies.
    • Long open time and Self Leveling.
    • Comes in Quart size only in 4 different colors.
    • 1 Coat looks like a stain. Subsequent coats get more opaque.
    • Satin Finish.


    • Laminate, Lacquered, previously painted or coated surfaces.
    • Damaged or Scratched surfaces
    • Almost a no prep product- just clean and remove any wax or grease. No sanding or de-glossing required to apply this.
    • Extremely durable. Excellent for Flooring and heavy use kitchen table tops etc.
    • Works on Bare Wood surfaces for a beautiful satin finish.


    • Gel Stain is Oil Based
    • Mineral Spirits for clean up
    • Dries to the touch in 8 hours
    • Cures in 5 Days


    Base : oil

    Coverage : approx 80 sq ft (7 m2)

    Finish/sheen : satin

    Uses : heavy-duty top coat requiring very little prep; apply over painted surface for added sheen; seal milk paint or other porous paint


    • Most durable, maintenance free Fusion ™ finish
    • Brush on and let dry
    • No need to strip or sand surface
    • 5 day curing time

    Clean up  : wipe up with absorbent rag. Use mineral spirits if necessary

    Dry time: 4-8 hours approx

    Recoat time : 4-8 hours approx

    Cure time : 5 days approx

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