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    Odorless Solvent (Odourless Solvent) 8.45oz (250ml) - Fusion Mineral Paint

    Odorless Solvent (Odourless Solvent) 8.45oz (250ml) - Fusion Mineral Paint

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    Say goodbye to toxic Mineral Spirts and say hello to Fusion’s new Odorless Solvent.(Odourless Solvent) his is what you will use when you want to remove wax from a previously painted piece of furniture. This is also what you can use to clean your brushes when you use the stain and finishing oil or the gel stain and top coat. 

    Having odorless solvent is nice to have on hand to use in place of mineral spirits as it’s not as toxic of a product and can be used in-doors without the harsh scent that often gives people headaches.  You still must use this product with caution is it is combustible so rags must be laid flat to dry as balled up rags can cause a fire like any non-water based product.

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