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Black ~ Mélange Premium Faux Glaze

Black ~ Mélange Premium Faux Glaze

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Mélange Paints Faux Glaze is a water based formula idea for walls, doors, trim, cabinetry, and furniture. Use for faux finishes, special effects, and antiquing.

Our glaze comes in Clear, White, Tea Stain (light brown), Antiquing (dark brown) and Black. May be mixed to customize your preferred shade.


  • Apply glaze to completely dried surface using a brush, cloth, or sponge.
  • Work in small sections.
  • Wipe back excess glaze, depending on desired effect.
  • Seal glaze with 2 coats of topcoat.
  • Dries to touch in one hour, allow 4 hours between coats.
  • Fully cures in 30 days.


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